Nov 212010

Well, it’s been a month or more since my last posting, which is my fault.  The real world certainly knows how to demand most of my time these days!  I find it funny comparing that to the days I’m journaling here.  Staying awake till 3 am because I’m in the middle of a battle or a really great roleplaying session was no big deal then – other than affecting my ability to stay awake until quitting time at work!  Now?  Oh my… 10+ years really changes one’s priorities!

But I had the wonderful fortune today of talking with Kyle’s player again.  :)  I can’t even begin to explain how excited and giddy I am.  It’s been at least six years, if I had to guess.  I’m reminded yet again of how lucky I was to meet such great people through UO, and I can’t help but kick myself for letting contact with most of them slip away over time.  I know it’s the nature of things, but damn, it’s a shame it happened.  Being able to talk with all the folks I’ve been able to hunt up over the last few months is just unbelieveable!

So thanks to Kyle, I’m inspired to get myself rolling again before Elyriel’s story gathers another month’s worth of dust!

I just wish it were a happier bit of Elyriel’s life to relate.  As much as Elyriel loved Winterfell and the people she’d met there, she wasn’t destined to stay on the same path.  The question then became, what to do next?

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  1. I think everyone let everyone slip. To be honest, I didn’t think anyone would care enough about that to keep and maintain ties; especially since we where all starting to move to different games and for some of us to different parts of our lifes (I just hit 25 in 2001, and Job/Money took a lot of importance back then).

    Now that it’s starting to settle down somewhat, I can’t help but to feel a sense of Nostalgia about the time in Ultima Online as well. We had such a nice hub of Social people to talk/play with (Although I remember many ‘faces’ I only remember you, as Brenna, and Nifty). I miss these evenings, just fooling around, sparring, or decorating the small Tower you had sold me. I wasn’t as “hardcore” as you guys for roleplaying, but it was still pretty awesome.

    I don’t know if you can get my E-Mail from my comment, but if you do, feel free to drop me a line. I don’t know if our paths will cross again for sure in an online world, but who knows. Then again, I never was much of a talker anyways… Although I did make progress over the years.

    Nice site btw, enjoyed the reading !
    — Francois424
    — Aka Francois, Marianna, Joan of Ark, Mariah (Ultima Online)

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