Khara Summers

Formerly Anne Savant (BRS-UO) and Khara Summers (LOTRO, Meneldor). Mostly I can be found in Elder Scrolls Online (US server)

Nov 272010

When Elyriel and I decided to finally take up Wraith’s offer to visit Trinsic, neither of us knew what to expect.  Elyriel was simply adrift – having no idea where to find a purpose in her life again.  The guilt over breaking her oath to Winterfell and King William was agonizing, and the sorrow over her failed relationship with Daca wore her self-worth down to almost nothing.  Elyriel had chosen the ride the road aimlessly, occasionally finding pride in being able to help people she came across.  But nothing could replace the sense of direction she had as a squire serving her Kingdom.

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Nov 212010

Well, it’s been a month or more since my last posting, which is my fault.  The real world certainly knows how to demand most of my time these days!  I find it funny comparing that to the days I’m journaling here.  Staying awake till 3 am because I’m in the middle of a battle or a really great roleplaying session was no big deal then – other than affecting my ability to stay awake until quitting time at work!  Now?  Oh my… 10+ years really changes one’s priorities!

But I had the wonderful fortune today of talking with Kyle’s player again.  :)  I can’t even begin to explain how excited and giddy I am.  It’s been at least six years, if I had to guess.  I’m reminded yet again of how lucky I was to meet such great people through UO, and I can’t help but kick myself for letting contact with most of them slip away over time.  I know it’s the nature of things, but damn, it’s a shame it happened.  Being able to talk with all the folks I’ve been able to hunt up over the last few months is just unbelieveable!

So thanks to Kyle, I’m inspired to get myself rolling again before Elyriel’s story gathers another month’s worth of dust!

I just wish it were a happier bit of Elyriel’s life to relate.  As much as Elyriel loved Winterfell and the people she’d met there, she wasn’t destined to stay on the same path.  The question then became, what to do next?

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Oct 172010

After Wraith vanished from Winterfell, Elyriel was left at Stark Keep without a mentor.  Fortunately for her, Lord Xavier Sterling hadn’t taken on any squires of his own, so he agreed to continue her training.  She remained part of House Sterling for a while longer under his guidance.  Winterfell was still between homes after their move from Felucca to Trammel, and the populace was living out of Stark Keep in the northern forests of Britannia.  But the move to Winterfell Township was finally on its way.

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Sep 272010

While posted at Stark Keep, Elyriel learned a great deal about Winterfell, its citizens, and the allies and foes the Kingdom had accumulated over the years.  She spent most of her time defending the Keep, which at first just meant fighting off the occasional wandering monster.  Unfortunately, the King and Queen didn’t learn about Elyriel becoming a squire until a while after she had started training.  The topic came up one evening when Daca wheedled Elyriel into tagging along to a dinner the royals were having with some folks…

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Sep 152010

Now we get into the first character that I truly roleplayed from Day 1 of her existence.  I created Elyriel in early 2000 after having debated for some time about taking the plunge and trying to hook up with one of the “hard core” roleplaying groups I’d met as Brenna.  As I mentioned in my posts about the Battle for Trinsic, a run-in with Xavier Sterling finally convinced me that it was time to give it a try.

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Sep 012010

The Fall of Trinsic took a toll on poor Brenna.  After her encounter with Koldorn’s spirit, she became convinced that Minax had played a role in Gorren’s disappearance.  Whenever she wasn’t defending Trinsic, she expanded her search efforts to the Lone Lands and some of the snowy wastes of Britannia to look for clues.

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Aug 292010

I suppose I should lay out some ground rules before I continue with Brenna’s story and certainly before I get to Elyriel.  I’ve been trying to abide by these in my head, since they’re for my protection as well as for others.  But let’s spell them out – I know I have a couple folks following this (like 2), so you should know what’s fair game and what isn’t.

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