Dec 182010

Before I start in on Anne’s life, I’d like to share a few bits of conversations and quotes that I’ve been collecting up as I’m going through my log files.  These are little blurbs made me laugh outright as I went along.  Some of them are completely silly, others were just very representative of the characters themselves.  Anyway, I figured I would share the collection I have now.  I may add to this if I come across anything new.

Snippets and Quotations

Aug 292010

I suppose I should lay out some ground rules before I continue with Brenna’s story and certainly before I get to Elyriel.  I’ve been trying to abide by these in my head, since they’re for my protection as well as for others.  But let’s spell them out – I know I have a couple folks following this (like 2), so you should know what’s fair game and what isn’t.

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