Jan 112015

I’m working on dusting off the place, so we’ll have to see how this goes.  I’m also adjusting to the new version of WordPress.  So please ignore the odd “A” characters all over the place until I can get rid of them.

I’ll be posting the next section of Anne’s story shortly as well.  I had a goodly bit written up, so I may just run with that until I can get my brain back to the right place for more.

Anyway, hello again and welcome back!

… Ah, added note – any linked pictures on the site are going to be down for a while.  I let some support lapse, and I’ll have to re-do that hosting.

Feb 262012

Yes, this is a hell of a long time in coming.  I am constantly amazed by how much time I used to sink into Ultima all those years ago.  While I still game today, it’s never with the same intensity or drive.  I guess that’s normal given life’s demands, but I must say I do miss that freedom sometimes too.  *chuckles*

In any case, I finally found the impetus to get Anne’s next chapter put together.  It’s not quite as exciting as I remember her final days as Chief, but of course, it’s different when you’re in the game.  Not all of it translates so well to the written word though.  So here we go, and I hope to move on to Anne’s new role with the Black Rose Society soon!

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Apr 242011

If you couldn’t tell, the site’s been moved.  Please bear with me as I get a few links and whatnot back in order!  I do have the next post for Anne on the way, but I have some cleanup to finish first.

EDIT (4/27) – I’ve managed to fix all of the links to about halfway through Elyriel’s life, working backward.  It’s slow going, though.  This is what I get for babbling on so long!  😉

EDIT #2 (4/30) – Ok, Elyriel is updated.  I think I’m going to pause and try to get Anne’s latest post up next though.  Brenna’s section will have to wait a bit.  A little at a time!

Feb 222011

Once she earned the requisite points to graduate from Private 1st Class to Armsman 3rd Class, Anne accepted the job of Chief in the Recruits Division to work with Thomas Flint, who was now Sergeant.  The offer had surprised her, but she was thrilled to have the opportunity.

Of course, Anne was nervous about the added responsibility.  Taking charge of a few Privates for minor endeavours was cake compared to shaping the next wave of Roses to meet the high expectations of their Oaths and of Command.

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Jan 302011

As excited as I was to bring Anne into the Black Rose Society’s ranks, it would be a few more days before they could actually swear her in.  The Roses had their hands full with the current Ring Cycle, so Anne took a backseat until things could settle down.  Soon enough though, she donned her uniform and started the life of a maggot Private 3rd Class.

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Dec 292010

I created Anne after a few months away from UO to play DAoC.  When I came back, Elyriel was still largely retired, Brenna had faded into the background, and T’yre was just wandering around as usual.  After the first failed attempt to bring the Wraith children out into the world, I really didn’t want to try playing Jerid again.  So I decided to start fresh.

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Dec 182010

Before I start in on Anne’s life, I’d like to share a few bits of conversations and quotes that I’ve been collecting up as I’m going through my log files.  These are little blurbs made me laugh outright as I went along.  Some of them are completely silly, others were just very representative of the characters themselves.  Anyway, I figured I would share the collection I have now.  I may add to this if I come across anything new.

Snippets and Quotations

Dec 182010

Once Elyriel settled into life in Trinsic, she had very little desire to go anywhere else.  She obtained her citizenship after the requisite time period, and for a goodly while she was content to live, plan her wedding to Wraith, and defend the city when called upon.  Aside from her carefree days back at Stark, this was the best time of her life.

Trinsic as a city had a history of trouble, though, and becoming stationary just meant that trouble came to Elyriel.

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