A New Job (log)


Thomas: Have a seat.

Anne Savant: *nods*

Thomas: You and Selmy have been pretty damned active…
Thomas: Reminds me of a Private I knew named Flint.

Anne Savant: *grins*

Thomas: *grins*
Thomas: You’ve done good work… and much as I hate to… I should inform you that
Thomas: promotion’s not far away for you…. in fact….
Thomas: We simply need to know which Division you wish to pursue.

Anne Savant: Hm…
Anne Savant: I guess I should ask where I might be needed?
Anne Savant: *chuckles*

Thomas: *chuckles*
Thomas: Well if I had my way… I’d say I could use a Chief of my own.
Thomas: *grins*

Anne Savant: *grins*

Thomas: But as to the other Divisions… I’m unsure.

Anne Savant: *nods*

Thomas: I know Selmy has interest in the Warders…

Anne Savant: *chuckles quietly*
Anne Savant: I am not surprised.

Thomas: Though that’s a strange topic… the unit is just in the process of getting moving again
Thomas: *nods*
Thomas: Well you tell me… you a front line fighter? A scout? Something else?

Anne Savant: Well, I still am not our finest fighter.
Anne Savant: *wry grin*

Thomas: *nods*
Thomas: Nor am I.

Anne Savant: I have enjoyed working with the recruits, honestly.

Thomas: *nods with a slight smile*

Anne Savant: And if I may speak plainly…

Thomas: Of course.

Anne Savant: Turon intimidates the hell out of me.
Anne Savant: *grins*

Thomas: Shadow and him make a good pair.
Thomas: *grins*

Anne Savant: *nods*
Anne Savant: That they do.
Anne Savant: If you think you can find me a niche with the division, sir…
Anne Savant: I will do my damndest to fill it properly.

Thomas: *grins*
Thomas: I couldn’t ask for a better person to be my right hand.

Anne Savant: *smiles*

Thomas: I’ll put it in the works.

Anne Savant: *nods*
Anne Savant: Thank you.

Thomas: *nods*
Thomas: *grins a bit*
Thomas: I’ve never seen you… hm…
Thomas: Take authority though…. I mean, in a real firm commanding way
Thomas: Not that this is bad….

Anne Savant: *chuckles*

Thomas: I’m just curious if you’re up to that?

Anne Savant: It is what anyone shaping a solider up has to do.

Thomas: *nods*
Thomas: Exactly.

Anne Savant: And I have had good examples to work by.

Thomas: *grins*
Thomas: I’ll be… a little more firm now… in the position I’m in….

Anne Savant: *nods*

Thomas: You’ll want to do the same… although…
Thomas: It’s not bad to have a compliment to my “rough” routine….

Anne Savant: *grins*

Thomas: Morale’s important…

Anne Savant: Discipline with a helpful word now and then.
Anne Savant: You have done a good job.

Thomas: Balancing encouragement through recognition and discipline’s a tough act
Thomas: *nods*

Anne Savant: I will learn to do it.

Thomas: *smiles*

Anne Savant: And you will keep ME in line.

Thomas: I’m confident you will.

Anne Savant: *grins*

Thomas: *nods*
Thomas: Alright then…
Thomas: For now, keep doing what you’re doing…
Thomas: I’ll get word to you as info develops

Anne Savant: Yes, sir.

Thomas: And Anne…
Thomas: Should this go through… you’re welcome to be plain with me in private
Thomas: That includes any suggestions you have.

Anne Savant: *nods*

Thomas: Alright then.
Thomas: Thats it

Anne Savant: *grins*

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