Anne Savant – Beginnings


I created Anne after a few months away from UO to play DAoC.  When I came back, Elyriel was still largely retired, Brenna had faded into the background, and T’yre was just wandering around as usual.  After the first failed attempt to bring the Wraith children out into the world, I really didn’t want to try playing Jerid again.  So I decided to start fresh.

Since Wraith’s player had taken his character to the Black Rose Society for a while, I had my first opportunity through Elyriel to really meet some of them.  I had always known about the troop, and I had seen them around quite often.  But I had never seen the full scale operation.  As Elyriel, I was able to witness the Roses taking a seat on the Jhelom Tribunal.  I was very impressed with what I saw, so I figured, what the hell?  Let’s try the life of a mercenary!

Now joining the Roses turned out to be trickier than I thought, given the timing.  This was late 2001 and early 2002, and I managed to catch them in the middle of a Ring cycle.  I won’t try to explain what “Ring cycle” means… That line of mythology belongs to Debinani Rahl, and I can’t do it justice even in brief.  Suffice to say that Anne caught the Roses during a very turbulent time.


But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Where did Anne the character get started?

Anne grew up as an only child in Moonglow with her parents.  They had been long-time residents with Anne’s parents working for the local herb shops.  Anne’s mother was killed during the Minax Wars, although Anne would never speak of the details.  After the war’s conclusion and the split between Felucca and Trammel, Anne’s father decided that they would strike out on their own and open an herbalist shop in Nujel’m.  Neither of them had ever visited Nujel’m, but it was far enough from Moonglow to leave the past behind them.

Unfortunately, they didn’t know how business operated in Nujel’m either.  Powerful merchant families controlled most everything, and they had been doing that for generations.  The existing power base didn’t take kindly to strangers moving in and setting up independent shops.  Anne’s father avoided notice for a short while since they operated in the rambling lower-caste houses outside the main city, but eventually word got out.  An unknown merchant house decided to make an “offer” to Anne’s father – join with them, which meant turning over many aspects of the business, or shut things down.  When he rejected that, things turned ugly.

Anne’s last memory of her father was the night he was murdered.  The merchant house in question sent thugs to their small residence, trying to force his hand one last time.  When he refused, and Anne managed to escape, they beheaded him.  Anne had the misfortune of seeing that before she fled.  Since the two had known things might get bad, Anne was able to grab a pack of supplies and flee to a friendly captain’s ship to take her away from the island.  For about three years, the young woman continued to run, having no idea if the merchants would pursue her (they didn’t) and also having no idea where to go.

When money finally ran out, and Anne was living on the streets for the most part, she found an old recruitment notice for the Roses.  Without other options, she made her way to Jhelom.  Although she only had her knowledge of herbs and their applications, she hoped they would find her useful.  She had a battered sword she had picked up somewhere, but Anne wouldn’t even kid herself that she knew how to use it well.  It wasn’t much, but it was all she could offer.

As I said above though, Anne’s timing wasn’t great.  She haunted Jhelom for a few days, but she only managed to see a few Roses at a distance and never at a time when she could speak with them.  She found out that they frequented the Horse’s Head Tavern, so she visited the place several times in the hopes of an opening.  The first time she saw a large gathering of Roses there, it turned out to be a bad thing.

This was the very brief glimpse she caught of the Roses that first time.


Alexander Rahl: For too long we have lain dormant…waiting for the time to be right.

Anne Savant: *watches quietly*

Alexander Rahl: And that time has come at last.
Alexander Rahl: Do you hear her brothers and sisters?
Alexander Rahl: I want to commend all of you in your restraint, your poise, and your ability to make this happen.
Alexander Rahl: Without your dedication to the Quest, this would never have come about.
Alexander Rahl: For any who do not hear Her calling, stay.
Alexander Rahl: You will not be harmed in any way if you stay HERE.
Alexander Rahl: For the rest, our destiny awaits us.
Alexander Rahl: To those who do not hear the calling, I ask only one thing….
Alexander Rahl: Do not stand in our way.  You will be safe here, in Jhelom.
Alexander Rahl: It is not a part of Her plan.
Alexander Rahl: Doc, a gate to our headquarters please.

Doc Holiday: Vas Rel Por

Anne Savant: *frowns slightly*


And then they were gone.  Anne had no clue what was going on, but she realized that some type of conflict was underway.  Unfortunately, that didn’t help her out.  But she was resolved to wait until she could speak to someone directly about joining up.

As luck would have it, the Roses not under Alexander’s sway showed up later that day.  Anne was tucked in a corner reading when they arrived.  She had her first opportunity to see Debinani Rahl and Shadowspawn in one place – and as angry as they were that day, they scared the hell out of her.  *laughs*  All the talk of rings and goddesses confused her, but she worked up the courage to approach Anubis.  It was a short conversation as the Roses were on their way out the door again.


Anne Savant: *approaches cautiously*
Anne Savant: Sir?

Anubis: *glances over*
Anubis: What needs ye lass?

Anne Savant: I know your people do not know me…
Anne Savant: and forgive me for overhearing your conversation…
Anne Savant: but I know a small bit about herbal lore and the healing arts…
Anne Savant: And I will be in town for a while…
Anne Savant: May I offer my services if your people need them?

Anubis: *nods*
Anubis: Any help is welcome lass

Anne Savant: *nods some*
Anne Savant: Very well…
Anne Savant: I will not be going far.

Anubis: *nods*

Anne Savant: My name is Anne Savant.

Anubis: Well met

Anne Savant: If you need anything, please ask.

Anubis: *runs his hand through his hair*

Anne Savant: well… I shall leave you to your business…

Anubis: *nods*

Anne Savant: *lowers head*
Anne Savant: Farewell, sir.

Anubis: Farewell


The Roses, however, had their hands full, so Anne didn’t really register on their radar yet.  She waited a few more days, catching sight of a group now and then in the tavern.  One piece of information she had gathered during her stay in Jhelom was that the officers were the men usually wearing white tunics, and those were the people she needed to speak with for a job.  Anne finally found one, and an opening to speak to him, during another gathering at the tavern.  This time, the man she spoke to was Kenyon, a lieutenant.  They only had a few minutes to speak when Debinani ordered everyone out of the city.  Completely baffled, Anne ended up going along for the ride.  She basically attached herself to Kenyon’s coattails and tried to keep up.  In the bustle and confusion, her application to the Rose was accepted by default.  Anne followed the group of Roses through a battle (during which she was completely useless as she wasn’t part of the guild yet), and she witnessed them capturing one of the opposing Roses.  They hightailed it back to Jhelom after, and then someone decided it would be useful to send a spy to check up on the enemy forces which were supposed to be in Winterfell.  Since she was a non-combatant, and an unknown, Anne volunteered to go.  She popped out of the gate, made nice with a couple people who happened to be near the castle, and then did some scouting.  Once she realized that none of the Roses (who were wearing red cloaks instead of black) were there, she found a rune and bumbled her way back to Jhelom.

To her horror, the Roses in Jhelom were gone, and a horde of Undead showed up.  Anne had never seen such a thing before, and she cowered in a corner while they spat some nastiness at her and then left.  Being a non-combatant at that point was a good thing!  Two of the Roses filtered back into town after the undead left to find poor Anne hiding behind one of the plants in the tavern, very very shaken.  Kenyon and Tay realized what was going on, and they took Anne with them to keep away from the undead.  During the downtime, Kenyon tried to fill Anne in on the other Roses and the conflict between the two sides.  She tried to wrap her brain around it all, but eventually decided that sticking with the “good guys” was the best route.

Anne decided to call it a day after all of that, but she was elated to know that she finally had her foot in the door, so to speak.


Although she wasn’t yet sworn in as a Rose, Anne was on her way at least.  As a player, I was excited to get involved with this group.  Just one day spent with them – even as a “blue” – was a lot of fun.  I was glad to be roleplaying with some good folks again.

I’m also very pleased that I can provide a lot of detail about Anne in these postings.  That’s because Anne has the most complete record of log files out of all my characters.  I can trace a nearly complete line from the day I created her to roughly six months before I stopped playing UO.  The cut-off at the end is disheartening, but it was inevitable.  One odd thing about the progression of my characters though, is the ratio of screenshots to log files.  With Anne, I have the most log files, but I have the fewest screenshots.  Brenna had the least log files, yet the most screenshots.  And Elyriel falls somewhere in between.  I have no idea why that happened.  I like to think that I was just so busy as Anne that catching screenshots, which involved print-screens and pasting into Paint, wasn’t possible.  🙂

I have to stop for today, but next time we’ll get into Anne’s early days as Private 3rd Class.

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