Snippets and Quotations


Rahl – November 2002
Debinani Rahl: By Aluviel’s fawkin twat the world gives me a bloody headache sometimes.
Debinani Rahl: *drops his head to the table*

Rahl – January 2003
Debinani Rahl: Can’t miss a Winterfellian coronation though, it’s like my biannual event.


On Vorpal Bunnies
Anne Savant: How hard do these rabbits fight back?
Mairoth Shareth: They’re ferocious beasties, with big, nasty, pointy teeth!
Mairoth Shareth: *makes a fang motion with his fangers near his mouth*


New Mounts
Adulphus Turon: I’m just going to sit here and attempt to get used to this…tactical conveyance.
Adulphus Turon: *looks down at the dragon dubiously*

Jr’s Pet
Adulphus Turon: Meet Mr Whiskers.

Anne Savant: *looks at the rat*

Adulphus Turon: *points to the rat with a flourish*

Belenia Telyn: I eat those on a skewer

Anne Savant: *chuckles*

Adulphus Turon: Little mangy sure..
Adulphus Turon: You will *not* eat Mr Whiskers.
Adulphus Turon: You have frightened him now.
Adulphus Turon: Apologize to Mr Whiskers, private.

Belenia Telyn: *smirks*

Anne Savant: *snorts*

Belenia Telyn: Sorry Mr. Whiskers
Belenia Telyn: maybe another time

Adulphus Turon: *crosses his arms*
Adulphus Turon: Better.
Adulphus Turon: Come along Mr Whiskers.

Belenia Telyn: is that man alright?

Anne Savant: That your first time meeting the Master Sergeant?

Belenia Telyn: him and Mr. Whiskers

Anne Savant: *nod*
Anne Savant: He is commander of the Warders.

Belenia Telyn: *nods some*

Anne Savant: If an officer is not present – and sometimes when they are…
Anne Savant: Sergeant Turon is to be obeyed.

Belenia Telyn: and Mr. Whiskers?

Anne Savant: …
Anne Savant: Mr. Whiskers probably should be left alone.

Belenia Telyn: *nods*

Anne Savant: You will learn a bit more about the units during your training…
Anne Savant: but the Warders outrank all of us.  Even me.

Belenia Telyn: *nods*
Belenia Telyn: but not Mr. Whiskers?

Anne Savant: *nod*
Anne Savant: No.
Anne Savant: Not Mr. Whiskers.
Anne Savant: Unless Turon says he does.

Middle of Winterfell Coronation
Debinani Rahl: *discreetly takes a sip from a hip flask, screws the lid back on and hands it behind him to Wraith*
St John Wraith: *takes it*
St John Wraith: Ely wouldnt let me bring mine
Debinani Rahl: *nods*
Elyriel Wraith: *shakes head slightly, smiling*
St John Wraith: *takes a healthy Swig from the container*
St John Wraith: *passes it back up front*
Debinani Rahl: *pokes Sterling in the back with the flask*
Xavier Sterling: *swipes it in one quick movement*
Xavier Sterling: *casts an eye about*
Xavier Sterling: *sneaks a swig*
Xavier Sterling: *raises brow, looking about*
Xavier Sterling: *left to right..*
Xavier Sterling: *passes it back*
Kara: *glances at Xavier*
Xavier Sterling: *looks over and smiles a warm smile*
Debinani Rahl: *takes the flask and tucks it away*

Post Winterfell Coronation – On Wives
St John Wraith: Ive taken my lumps…
St John Wraith: but my Wife had a master Instructor
St John Wraith: *smiles wryly*

Elyriel Wraith: Aye, I did.
Elyriel Wraith: You did well with me, Xavier.
Elyriel Wraith: *winks*

St John Wraith: *almost spits his wine*

Xavier Sterling: I make a good training dummy..

St John Wraith: *laughs*
Elyriel Wraith: *laughs quietly*

February 2001 – Wraith and Rahl at the Keg in Trinsic
Debinani Rahl: Evenin Wraith.

St John Wraith: Hello Rahl

Debinani Rahl: Now I know why you didn’t run for mayor again.
Debinani Rahl: *grins*

St John Wraith: *laughs*
St John Wraith: Dealing with the council eh?

Debinani Rahl: Just doing my part.
Debinani Rahl: *smiles innocently*

St John Wraith: What brings yer boys to Trinsic anyway?

Debinani Rahl: it’s not Yew.

St John Wraith: *laughs*
St John Wraith: Fair enough reason

Early 2001, in Trinsic
Alec Rain: Rain hath arrived. All is right with the world

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  1. As I recall, Deb, Xavier, and myself provided some of the best banter on Catskills. I read this stuff now and still laugh.. jeez

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