Elyriel Winters – The City Guard, Married Life, and the Wraith Children


Once Elyriel settled into life in Trinsic, she had very little desire to go anywhere else.  She obtained her citizenship after the requisite time period, and for a goodly while she was content to live, plan her wedding to Wraith, and defend the city when called upon.  Aside from her carefree days back at Stark, this was the best time of her life.  After a short time, Rexom Dartagnon, still the city’s Justice, proposed setting up a City Guard.  Despite the protests of a few members, the city Council approved.  Xavier Sterling was appointed Provost and Wraith became Captain of the Guard.  They would operate under Rexom’s guidance.  Once they organized, Elyriel decided to sign up.  She spent a fair amount of time defending the city anyway, and all of her training as a soldier lent itself to the job.  If anything, it also offered a steady income that didn’t require her to range across the countryside looking for trouble.

Trinsic as a city had a history of trouble, though, and becoming stationary just meant that trouble came to Elyriel.  Attacks by a variety of “bad guys” were commonplace.  Shadowclan and Drow seemed to be favorites, although the United Pirates made a few forays as well, which eventually led to a curfew for their members.  That went over so well that they dropped Elyriel in one nasty fight with some deadly poison.  Her wounding seemed to trigger a series of battles and injuries that left poor Elyriel battered for months – even when she was on the winning side of the fight!  In the same timeframe, the Black Rose Society parked itself in Trinsic, under the pretense of R&R for the troops.  While Elyriel had no problem with the Roses, they were a second magnet attracting any and all enemies to harass the citizenry.  It wasn’t unusual to see two different enemies stage attacks within a few hours of each other.

Xavier Trinson 

One surprising aspect of Elyriel’s new life was the lack of care that most people exhibited about her past.  Her close friends never judged her, but it was odd that many people who had known her from Winterfell – or more importantly, knew about her connections to the Covenant – really never bothered her about it.  So when Xavier Trinson surfaced in Trinsic, his dislike for Elyriel was a surprise.  From an RP aspect, it was awesome though! 

Elyriel had first met Trinson while she was still in Winterfell.  I don’t recall all the details of that interaction – but I do know that he developed a distaste for her because of her relationship with Daca and the Convenant.  After she left Winterfell, she didn’t see him for a very long while.  She also heard somewhere along the way that he had been killed.  Seeing him in Trinsic startled her greatly.  Their first exchange was extremely brief once he realized who she was.


(speaking to some other Trinsic citizens)
Xavier: There was no attendant…Just some wild horses.
Xavier: Are people to just take a bed?

Belt Grimblade: aye

Elyriel Winters: *staring in surprise*

Xavier: ..I see.

Elyriel Winters: Mister Trinson?…

Xavier: Thank you..I must rest.
Xavier: *stops*
Xavier: er..yes, that’s me

Elyriel Winters: *watching him with wide eyes*

Xavier: …

Elyriel Winters: I… forgive me, sir.  I’d heard you were slain..

Xavier: Who are you?

Elyriel Winters: Elyriel, sir.  Elyriel Winters.
Elyriel Winters: from Winterfell.

Xavier: ..
Xavier: Oh..
Xavier: *steps back putting his hand to his sword*

Elyriel Winters: *tilts head*

Xavier: I’ll..be leaving now.

Elyriel Winters: *nods some*

Xavier: Keep yourself and your fanged friends away.

Elyriel Winters: *frowns*

(he left)


A day or so later, Elyriel ran into Trinson yet again.  This time, he wasn’t willing to walk away.  After drawing his sword on her, Elyriel placed him under arrest with the help of Tauros, another member of the City Guard.

Log – Arresting Xavier Trinson

Shortly thereafter, Tauros comes back with Sundad Wen.  Elyriel knew both of them well from her time in the city, but she wasn’t able to stop them from “questioning” the prisoner.  Tauros was rather angry at Trinson questioning his honor.  While Elyriel appreciated the shot Tauros had given Trinson for slapping her, their further actions just ticked her off.

Log – Under Arrest Part 2

Finally, Wraith showed up.  Elyriel’s attempts to reach Rexom didn’t work (he was offline for the night), so Wraith stepped in to take care of the matter.

Log – Under Arrest Part 3

After that, Trinson was released and Elyriel didn’t see him for some time.  Their next encounter was after her wedding, and to her surprise (again), he apologized to her.  He claimed to have been out of the loop, more or less, for a long while.  Returning and encountering her in his home town really didn’t help.  Xavier actually became a friend of sorts in the end.  But I always loved his character’s initial reaction to Elyriel because it felt so true to how some people SHOULD respond to where she had been and what she had done.  *smiles*  It was another fun random bit of roleplaying.

Elyriel and Wraith’s Wedding

Somehow during all of that madness, Wraith and Elyriel managed to get married in March of 2001.  Damian Everblade was kind enough to perform the ceremony for them at the Shrine of Sacrifice.  I believe Sabrina was Ely’s Matron of Honor and Artemis Entreri was Wraith’s best man.  Xavier had a history of coming and going, so he wasn’t able to fill that role.  Really, the group in attendance was small (between the time of year and a bad day with the login servers), but some of their closest friends were there.  All in all, a nice enough little event.

Log – Elyriel and Wraith’s Wedding Ceremony

Of course, within about three days of the wedding, Elyriel was knocked flat on her butt yet again – this time by the Crimson Alliance.  She was on a routine patrol of the city when a dozen of them popped up.  Although one or two were interested in taking a prisoner, the others were trigger happy, and down she went with barely enough time to yell “Halt” before she fell.  The constant battles were slowly taking their toll.  Two weeks later, with Elyriel already battered from fights in the prior days, Crimsons ambushed her just as she was trying to head home for the night.  That almost did her in.  Wraith and Sabrina made a concerted effort to keep her out of any battles after that one, and Elyriel found herself doing some hard thinking.

Now that she and Wraith were married, they were starting to think about children.  The City Guard had been disbanded (I don’t remember why, but I think we just lacked the numbers to keep it up), so Elyriel was freed from that responsibility.  But she still was defending the city whenever needed, and those fights were taking a horrendous toll on her.  With her current lifestyle, the healers told her outright that getting pregnant – much less carrying a child to term – under those conditions were almost impossible.  For the first time in her life, Elyriel was considering hanging up her mace and war axe to live the life of a non-combatant.

During one of the city’s festivals, the one during which Rexom composed a poem for her, Elyriel sought advice from the paladin.  She admired him for his level head, wisdom, and fairness, so she figured he would be able to understand her fear of giving up her place in the front lines.  She needed input from someone unbiased, and Wraith certainly wasn’t unbiased on that particular topic!

Log – Advice from Rexom

Although the paladin wouldn’t tell her what to do, Rexom’s words did help Elyriel accept that putting down her weapons wouldn’t necessarily take her out of the fight entirely.  She was simply exchanging one set of duties for another – and motherhood was no less a responsibility.  Much to Wraith’s relief, she agreed to make herself scarce and avoid any fights whatsoever until she was fully healed.  It took every bit of her patience to pull it off, but in the end, it paid off.  A few months later, after the two enforced an absence from Trinsic and temptation to join in any battles, Elyriel was pregnant with their first child.

Semi-Retirement and the RP Police

Now that she was pregnant and unable to fight, Elyriel slowly stepped out of the daily life in Trinsic.  She waddled around for a little while, making a few appearances – including one very surprising and civil discussion about families with Judas (I know!!).  But for the most part, Elyriel went under the radar.  At this time, I was starting to play Dark Age of Camelot a bit more, and that led to a lot less UO game time.  I was still back and forth with all of my characters, but the focus wasn’t really there.  Elyriel wasn’t in-game in the last months before the baby was born, nor was she on for a goodly while thereafter.

Wraith, on the other hand, made a shift over to the Black Rose Society.  With Elyriel pregnant, and their time as guardsman in Trinsic over, Wraith was beginning to worry about supporting their growing family.  The two talked about it, and Elyriel reluctantly agreed that he should take the black.  The Roses were still largely an unknown to her, but she knew that Wraith held Rahl in high respect and he spoke well of the troop (usually).  So off he went to serve as a Lieutenant in Rahl’s band of mercenaries.

During this time, we posted a couple stories here and there, although I think Wraith’s player wrote more than I did.  I really didn’t come back to UO much until I started Anne at the end of 2001 or beginning of 2002.  Elyriel was officially pregnant (and well advanced) by June of 2001, and my DAoC absence was somewhere in between.

Long story short on the kids, Wraith and Elyriel had two children – Jerid “Eddard” Wraith and Jaime Wraith.  The “Eddard” part was something Wraith wanted, although the boy never appreciated the name.  *grin*  I played Jerid, and Wraith’s player took Jaime.  We ended up creating them as characters, with the intent of someday outright retiring our proud parents.

I think this is the one time that I really ever ran afoul of what some folks would call the “RP Police”… Although time was very odd thing in UO, the most commonly accepted form of translating real-world time to game-time was one real-life month equaled one game-time year.  So there were 12 UO years in 1 Earth year.  While that was a standard that a lot of people cited, time was very very fluid in how we gauged events or aged characters.  Some people were sticklers for the time basis, others adjusted as it seemed appropriate.  Of course this led to all kinds of inconsistencies, but what the hell?  It was just a game right?

Well, Wraith’s player and I decided to accelerate time a bit to bring the kids into the game since we really weren’t playing Elyriel or Wraith anymore.  Xavier Sterling’s and Sabrina’s players were already taking on two of their own children, Albrek and Megan, so the four of us conspired to bring the Sterling and Wraith children back together.  That led to this little visit to Winterfell for one of their weekly courts.

Log – The Wraith and Sterling Children

And that led to the run-in with the RP Police.  We were bombarded with complaints that the kids, particularly Jerid and Jaime were too young to be in the age range we had set them.  I think we were ballparking Jerid around 15 or so, and Jaime not far behind.  But the backlash from bringing the kids out at that age was unbelievably harsh.  I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life.  Of all the things to fuss about!  I guess we made some other folks feel old or something.  😛

Since the backlash was so negative, and I had Anne and Wraith’s player had Barristan, we backed off on the kids for a while.  Unfortunately, the way things panned out, the kids would never really get played again.  I know Albrek kept trucking – because Anne saw him in the Roses.  But I think Megan’s player moved on to other characters of her own, and I don’t know how much Megan surfaced again after that.

Sadly, that about wraps things up for Elyriel.  I kept her in a semi-retired state after that.  She made a few appearances at functions (like Arwynn’s wedding) or when Wraith was showing the world that he wasn’t quite dead yet.  But eventually Anne took over almost all of my time, and Elyriel faded into the background.

She really did have the happiest ending for any of my characters though.  She and Wraith stayed happily married, and although things were sometimes rocky with the kids, she had her family to look after.  Elyriel kept her mace and war axe, and even used them occasionally as time went on.  But for the most part she was content to let life go on at its own pace.  There were a lot of ups and downs to her life, but for my first attempt at RP’ing a character 24×7, I consider Elyriel a great success.  And it was a hell of a lot of fun along the way.  🙂

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